Pilot Project: Business Mentoring for Women Entrepreneurs in PEI

This program closed April 2017

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    Knowledge is an essential component of the modern business world. And not just knowledge about markets, but also about the social, economic, political, and environmental issues of the day—the context—and advances in science and technology. Important decisions often need to be made quickly and, particularly in the B2B sector, rationally and logically. But it can be difficult to carve out sufficient time to find relevant information, sort through it, think about it, and figure outwhat it means for business ventures.

    To support our members and help build a vibrant PEI business culture where evidence-based decision making is valued, PEIBWA is introducing a new resource. You’ll find on our website a regular series of white papers[1] that will discuss topics of interest and importance to Island entrepreneurs and business professionals. We promise to be clear and concise. We’ll go deep to provide you with fact-based and logical discussions. We’ll provide you with references and links to further information on the topic so that you can check our sources. Our objective is to be practical and useful.

    [1] A white paper is an authoritative and persuasive essay. By presenting facts and a logical argument, white paperso provide useful information and clarify issues, problems, or actions to take. White papers are variously called executive briefings, special reports, research reports, position papers, or backgrounders

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    PEI Business Women’s Association (PEIBWA) is a not-for-profit organization that empowers PEI women in business, both entrepreneurs and business professionals. PEIBWA supports, inspires, and helps its members succeed with a number of services and programs for women entrepreneurs and business professionals across the Island.

    Women entrepreneurs and business professionals benefit significantly from mentoring, whether they are starting a business or wish their business to grow. Several formal and informal mentoring activities are in place across the Island. Women entrepreneurs and business professionals who are self-employed rarely have access to the types of mentoring available to employees of larger organizations, however.

    Additionally, no good evidence is available to suggest what a formal mentoring program should look like that will meet the needs of Island women. PEI women’s experiences as mentors or mentees remain anecdotal. For example, we know that women entrepreneurs living in rural areas face different challenges from those in urban settings. How a mentoring program should address these challenges is not clear. Similarly, women of different ages and ethnicities, as well as newcomers, may have particular wants and needs concerning mentoring.

    PEIBWA received Status of Women Canada funding for a multi-year pilot project (2014 to 2017) to develop and test a developmental business mentoring model for PEI women entrepreneurs and business professionals. The pilots will run throughout 2016 in rural and urban PEI. A thorough evaluation of the pilots will be conducted by a third party.

    We are looking for women who want to start a business or expand an existing one to be involved as mentees. Similarly, we are looking for experienced men or women entrepreneurs and business professionals to be mentors during this pilot project. We are asking for a six-month commitment. For the mentor, that’s a commitment of two hours per month.

    This is what PEIBWA will do over the course of the project:

    • Partner with organizations and individuals currently involved in mentoring (formal or informal).
    • Involve those who are interested in working collaboratively with PEIBWA on this project.
    • Identify best practices by a) listening to women’s stories about experiences with mentoring as well as what women would like to see in a formal mentoring program and b) evaluating relevant published research.
    • Select model(s) and develop the tools and resources required for mentor and mentee orientation and support.
    • Conduct four 3-month pilots: eastern rural PEI, western rural PEI, Summerside, and Charlottetown.
    • Evaluate the pilots to learn from participants’ and community partners’ experiences.
    • Finalize the mentoring model(s).

    For further information, or to express interest in working with us on this exciting project, please contact

    Virginia (Ginny) McGowan, Project Manager – Mentoring Project

    Tel: (902) 892-6040 / Cell: (902) 330-2013 / Email: project@peibwa.org

In the fall of 2014 PEIBWA received Status of Women Canada fundinfor a multi-year pilot project to develop and implement a formal mentoring program for PEI women entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Our vision was to develop a sustainable program from this pilot that supports women entrepreneurs in rural and urban PEI to be successful in business and supported by a network of community mentoring partners.


Download the project info sheet (pdf reader required

Find out more about Status of Women Canada Women's Program projects

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Did you know?

This program was a pilot – a way to explore and try out approaches to see what works. Participation was free of charge  and included 55 participants from across the province and 9 community partners.

We are now exploring options to relaunch this work as a PEIBWA program - stay tuned!

Are you interested in being a mentor?

  • Are you a man or woman with expertise in starting or growing a business?
  • Do you have two hours per month to commit to mentoring a PEI woman entrepreneur or business professional? For six months?
  • Are you willing to share your knowledge and experiences?

Program applications are now closed

(pdf format: Adobe Reader required)

Are you interested in being a mentee?

  • Are you a PEI woman entrepreneur or business professional interested in starting a business or growing an existing one?
  • Are you able to build and manage professional relationships?
  • Are you willing to take the initiative?
  • Are you willing to be challenged?
Program applications are now closed

(pdf format: Adobe Reader required)

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