Telling Our Stories: SUCCEED

“If you are really dreaming of it, do it. Be prepared to work harder than you ever have in your whole entire life.”

Kim Green, Owner/Operator/Manager Kays Wholesale Inc. 

Kim Green told herself that by the time that she turned 40, she wanted to have her own business. Three months’ shy of her 41st birthday, she left her position as CEO of Tourism Charlottetown and the PEI Convention Partnership and bought Island Chemical. Less than a year later, she also bought Kays Bros, renamed it Kays Wholesale Inc., and hasn’t looked back since.

In fact, in 2016, she will be expanding Kays Wholesale Inc. even further by creating a sub-brand, Kays Wholesale Food Service & Janitorial.

Since re-opening the doors of Kays Wholesale six years ago, the business has expanded and moved into a permanent location, employing 25 Islanders and supporting countless local businesses including independent butchers and bakeries by ensuring that they can shop locally and at fair prices.

“We have to support our own economy if we’re going to be successful as a province,” says Kim. “It is important to embrace the ‘buy local’ mentality. It isn’t always necessary to go off-Island.”

Over the years, Kim has learned that no matter what your business is, it is all about the relationships you have and partnerships you develop. “If you run your business ethically and you are fair, honest and kind, people will trust you,” she says. “They will want to work with you, for you and support your business.”

Always one to lead by example, Kim will do anything she has to do to get the job done: “As a business owner, whatever that business is, you always have to think outside the box or your business will become stagnant. Think about what the next big thing is, how you will change your business, what is happening around you.”

So, what does success look like to Kim? “Doing what you love, being happy doing it and getting up every single day and liking what you do and the people who surround you.”

That sounds pretty good to us.