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Jennifer Evans, General Manager Ocean 100 and Hot 105.5, Newcap Radio

If you are a person who likes looking toward the future instead of dwelling in the past, then you have something pretty major in common with Jennifer Evans.

“In radio, every year has to be different and we have to push ourselves more and react to what the community wants and where the trends are,” says the general manager of two of the Island’s top radio stations, Ocean 100 and Hot 105.5. “We can’t be waiting around for things to happen, doing the same things over and over again.”

This doesn’t mean she rushes headlong into things. Quite the opposite, really – Jennifer knows the value of planning things out, not reacting too quickly to any situation and most importantly, never taking anything, or anyone, for granted.  She is, however, known for being incredibly decisive.

“The challenge in radio is to always do more than you did the year before. We want to keep the listeners happy and engaged,” she shares. “We constantly need to be trying new things, it keeps us fresh and gives us a new perspective.”

While she truly loves her job and every day is a new adventure, one thing Jennifer is very clear about is that what happens from 8-5 doesn’t really matter without a place to go after work, a home that is full of happiness and people that love and support you. Having a strong support system both at work and at home allows things to happen. Jennifer is a person who thrives off of having a full life, which, for her, translates into busy work, busy kids and an active social life.

Having a full agenda keeps her going. Being very active in the community, Jennifer has the opportunity to meet lots of different people in various stages of their careers. “Don’t let the job you are hired for pigeonhole you and let that be all that you do,” she says. “Learn everything, go to everything, do everything, meet everyone.”

It is this approach she has taken throughout her own broadcasting career, which started on Breakfast Television in the early 1990s, and has seen her work in the news, promotions and sales departments before taking on the role of general manager for the two Newcap radio stations on the Island.

Jennifer understands the importance of making connections. For her, radio programming needs to connect with both listeners and advertisers: “if it’s not connecting, it doesn’t matter.”

Radio is a 24/7 job, especially on PEI where people are easily recognized as the face of their business. This means there is no such thing as ‘off hours’, but it can also lead to many opportunities to meet new people and expand your network.

“Whomever you see in your world that you see as a leader try to connect with them,” she shares. “To operate in isolation and to think that you don’t need those networks and partnerships is crazy.”