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Telling Our Stories: INSPIRE

Courtney Gaudet, Art Director at Rabbit Hole Studios

Courtney Gaudet, a 22-year-old graduate of the Holland College Video Game Art and Design program and the Innovation and Technology Association of PEI IT Garage, always knew she would be doing something artistic with her life. She grew up playing video games with her family and loved to draw, so for her getting to incorporate these two loves to create a viable career has been amazing.

When Courtney and her partner Scott Humes, who together run Rabbit Hole Studios, first started working on their new video game, Spirit of Adventure, a 2-D environment puzzle game, they were based from home. But Courtney says they quickly learned their home setup wasn’t working out so well—the distractions were everywhere—and so they decided to move into an office space at The Spot in downtown Charlottetown.

This, she says, allowed them to really kick everything into high gear.

When it came down to creating the new video game, Courtney says they first started with inventing the character and creating their backstory. Spirit of Adventure, they decided, would be a children’s adventure game that centres on an imaginative, bucket-wearing-young-girl named Lily, and follows her on her journey through the magical woods.

And much like their lead character, Courtney is on an adventure. While her official title at Rabbit Hole Studios is Art Director, she wore a lot of hats during the development of the game including Animator, Environment Artist and Character Artist.

Having only recently been released on December 31st, Spirit of Adventure seems to have come out at just the right time when society needs positive role models the most—the tail end of a year that saw the gamergate controversy, a movement which centered on sexism in video game culture, become one of the hottest and most frustrating topics of conversation in mainstream media.

Not only does their new game offer the gamer an awesome alternative in a world typically saturated with princess dresses and makeup games, it also suggests there can be a new direction in gaming, and it’s clear to see Courtney Gaudet is doing her part to prove just that.

“Anything I can dream up, I can make happen.”