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Stephanie Andrews, Financial Advisor, Investors Group

When asked for words to describe Stephanie Andrews, a financial advisor from Investors Group, the terms caring, motivated, and focused come up repeatedly. And after spending a morning chatting with her, there’s no doubt these are leading drivers in her life.

Stephanie, who participated in the PEI Business Women’s Association’s pilot program “Women Unlimited” in 2014, is quick to credit the program for teaching her there’s more ways than one way to be a leader. Upon completing the program, she walked away with the confidence and the leadership skills she needed in order to move her career as a financial advisor forward.

It’s not surprising that Stephanie ended up in a career involving investments and money management. While most university students were wondering how they were going to pay for pizza and a night out, she says she was talking about wanting to invest in stocks and work with a stockbroker.

She quickly learned, however, that this might not be her best option: “I want to help people where I didn’t have any help. People need to know that absolutely anybody can start to plan and invest at any level. Financial planning isn’t just for an elite group of people.”

Stephanie’s approach with her clients is very much rooted in making their growth a priority and looking out for their best interests. And while she may work in what many would consider a ‘male-dominated’ industry, she says that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities for women in financial planning.

Since she started working in the industry three years ago, she’s incredibly grateful to have started her career at home on the Island because of how open and generous people are with their time. It is an incredibly competitive business and as luck would have it, Stephanie Andrews is motivated by competition and the knowledge that she is genuinely helping people to accomplish their goals. For Stephanie Andrews a true sign of success is having clients that are happy and being able to work with people long term to reach their financial goals. “It is really important to establish good relationships with your clients. You can be the best in your field but if the clients don’t like or trust you, you aren’t going to be effective at your job in the long term.”

“We get so lost in accomplishing our everyday things, sometimes we forget to think about what we really want from life."