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“There are plenty of people who will say you can’t or you shouldn’t and it’s important to have people in your life who tell you why you can.”

Christina Macleod - Founder & Board Member Fusion Charlottetown

Christina Macleod, like so many Islanders, doesn’t have what most people would consider a traditional 9 to 5 job.

By ‘day’ she is the executive assistant to Liberal MP Sean Casey but she also happens to be the founder, board member and driving force behind Fusion Charlottetown, a volunteer-based non-profit organization challenging young professionals age 20-40 to be active in shaping the future of Charlottetown.

Christina has always had a drive to leave the world better than she found it. She is, after all, the little girl who, at age 9, went to local schools and encouraged students to sign a petition to protect the coastal areas and prevent the sale of beaches, which she presented to the Premier.

If she sees something that she knows needs to change, she gets the urge to make those changes happen. Luckily, her job allows her to know what’s going on, see where the gaps are and see who in the community is doing something she can be involved in.

“It’s great to get involved but make sure you get involved in something that inspires you and fulfills you,” she says. For Christina, she knows it’s a project she loves and is inspired by when she gets up at 7 a.m. on a Sunday and immediately starts working on it.

A bit shy and introverted by nature, Christina also loves to connect with new people and act as a connector for others. As a member of the first 21inc cohort on the Island, Christina has had the opportunity to connect with a lot of Islanders over the past year. Fusion Charlottetown was her signature project and something she had wanted to do for a number of years since originally getting involved with Fusion Halifax. Since the very first board meeting, the response to Fusion Charlottetown has been incredible and positive. They are developing great working relationships with the City of Charlottetown, Downtown Charlottetown Inc., Discover Charlottetown among other partners with the goal of facilitating the implementation of a number of projects to make the city of Charlottetown a better place to work, live and play: “Fusion Charlottetown is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the coming year!”

For Christina Macleod, who began her career studying environmental law before making the transition into politics, her ultimate goal is to be in a role where she gets a chance to make change. She adds: “If, at the end, when I look back and I can say I made a few small positive changes for my community, I will know that I have had a successful life.”