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Telling Our Stories: Leaders

“Don’t think about others as your competition, they are the people you should be interacting with. Whatever makes you want to push them away is actually probably something you should learn from them.”

Rachel Peters - Rachel Peters Photography

If you’ve flipped through a wedding magazine or found yourself skimming through wedding blogs online in the last couple of years there is a pretty strong chance that you’re familiar with Rachel Peters of Rachel Peters Photography’s work. In fact, if you’ve read any of the Telling our Stories features over the last two years you have definitely seen her work - she has been the photographer for every feature that we have published!

Rachel is an award winning international photographer who has captured love around the world but what many people may not realize is that, in addition to her ‘day job’ as a photographer, she is also incredibly active in the community. She is the driving force behind the ‘Before I Die’ art installation wall, a board member of The Guild and an active volunteer with Santa’s Angels. In 2016 Rachel, in collaboration with her sister Kim Roach from Kim Roach Design, created the Kindness cards with a portion of the sales donated to Anderson House. Another volunteer project that has been very close to her heart over the last five years has been working with recently diagnosed cancer patients, capturing the cherished moments with patients and their families before treatment begins. “You are here to use your gift, help others and be amazing.”

Rachel gave up the security of a regular paycheck and benefits leaving behind a job with the federal government to pursue her dreams. Originally, she gave herself one year to see where it would take her and it is now eight years later and she hasn’t looked back since. “It’s scary. There is always a risk of failure when you try something new but there is also always the chance to succeed. If you see a project that you want to do, start it. Lean into it and get it done.”

Rachel’s talent is in demand around the world. Named the Most Inspiring Photographer by Wedding Bells magazine in 2013, 2014 and 2015, you never know where you’re going to find her next. She could be on location at a destination wedding, editing in her home studio or meeting with a bride or client about their upcoming event. “Organization during wedding season is key. You need to have a plan. Communication with those brides is so important. Without a plan, the candid moments don’t happen.” Her motto is #memoriesfirst and she spends every day recognizing the incredible privilege it is that people have chosen to trust her with the most precious moments in their lives.

Everything that Rachel does is fueled by love. If she isn’t photographing it, she’s blogging about it; if she isn’t editing she’s looking for new ways to try and spread it to the world. There are new not for profit projects that are on the horizon that will enable Rachel to continue to do more with love. Rachel Peters is a person who shoots from the heart, personally and professionally. It is clear that Rachel lives her life with heart, passion and purpose which is something we all could use a little more of in our lives.