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  • * Sensational Summer PitchFest Workshop #1 - with Laurie Sinclair, MBA PCC

* Sensational Summer PitchFest Workshop #1 - with Laurie Sinclair, MBA PCC

  • 22 Jun 2022
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Online


* This workshop is only for Sensational Summer PitchFest 2022 program participants

Workshop #1 Overview: Crafting a growth strategy road map, developing the story, building confidence & knowing your audience

1.Interactive workshop crafting a growth strategy road map, developing the story, building confidence & knowing your audience.
2.You will have an opportunity to briefly develop your story in advance and very briefly try it out in your opening remarks.
3.The strategy piece will demonstrate how you can outline the vision, values and strategic objectives you have for the growth of your business. Discussion on the resources and capabilities to line up to execute that strategy.
4.Building Confidence coaching will be delivered to encourage you to believe in your vision and the potential it has to fuel growth. And then how to communicate that as part of your story.
5.The story will be developed using a hook that engages the audience and then builds an engaging story around the why of your strategy and your product or service
6.Knowing your audience will be delivered by discussing the needs, wants and problems your target customers have that are met with your product or service you are selling, crafting your brand tone and message, segmenting the market and creating a customer avatar for each segment
7.Developing your value proposition for your product or service and crafting your marketing and sales messaging

Prepare a brief story sharing your value proposition. This is the value the product or service you sell provides to your customers. Remember to focus on what makes your product or service unique, different or better than what your competitors sell. This should start with a hook to engage your target customer. A hook is often best presented as a question that focuses on the need, want or problem you are solving for your customer. You will have a maximum of less than 3mn to share this verbally with the group. You will have an opportunity to share it your introductory remarks.

About your facilitator, Laurie Sinclair, MBA PCC

As the Founder and CEO of Amplify Consulting and Coaching, Laurie has a rich background in individual and leadership coaching and growth business consulting, training, and strategic facilitation. Her success with people and teams has been realized by being a trusted business and thinking partner and a growth- oriented leader.

Laurie works with established entrepreneurs to help them scale up their business growth and aspires to help women achieve significant leadership and business advancements.

Laurie asks the tough questions and uses her proficiency in financial analysis and decision making along with high growth leadership tools and tactics to help business owners leverage opportunities and overcome challenges to achieve their full potential.

As a tech sector entrepreneur (CEO of, she understands the challenges that go along with business ownership, and she delves deep to deliver customized solutions. She comes at problems with the patience of an experienced educator and the savvy of a seasoned accountant and growth consultant.

An expert facilitator, Laurie works with some of the most successful women business owners in North America as Atlantic Canada Chapter Chair of the Women Presidents Organization (WPO), a non-profit group of women presidents of multimillion-dollar companies. Laurie established and led the CWB’s Advanced Management and Mentoring Program (AMMP) where many entrepreneurs have realized significant incremental growth metrics, and currently works with CWB’s Greater Heights of Growth Program. 

Laurie has completed the Leading High Growth Business Executive Program at Harvard Entrepreneurship School of Business as well as many professional courses in business growth tactics. She’s picked the brains of women who’ve become synonymous with business success and has come away with solid strategies for growth that can propel your business forward.