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Meet members Tina Mundy and Erin Montgomery from The Mundy Method

29 Apr 2022 9:30 AM | Anonymous

This week, we present you Members Tina Mundy and Erin Montgomery, from The Mundy Method.

What services does your business provide?

The Mundy Method is a holistic and comprehensive online fitness and wellness program designed to help women of all ages gain strength, confidence and become the best version of themselves.

"We're on a mission to make sure that every woman feels supported in her wellness journey".

What inspired you to start your own business? 

Tina struggled for decades with disordered eating and with finding a fitness routine that felt sustainable and enjoyable. Her journey led her towards empowerment and now, she’s an IAWP Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, specializing in personal development and confidence coaching.

Her daughter and business partner, Erin Montgomery, saw this lifelong struggle and also grappled with her own unrealistic fitness goals as an elite athlete, especially while pregnant, when she noticed a lack of workout options for pregnant women. This frustrated her, as she wanted to stay strong during pregnancy and be prepared for birth and postpartum.

This inspired Erin to become certified as a Pre- and Post-Natal Fitness Specialist and Core Confidence Specialist. What started out as a personal quest has expanded from there, filling a void in the fitness and wellness industry.

“We reached the point where we realized we had to create a program not only for ourselves, but for all women out there."

How long have you owned your business? 

The Mundy Method launched in July of 2021. We are very proud of the partnerships that we have created with other professionals in the wellness industry. These partners present to our community monthly, on topics including nutrition, mental health, women's pelvic health, cooking classes and other topics that are important to our community. 

What sets you apart from your competition?

Our unique 360 approach is what sets us apart from other conventional “one size fits all” methods. This specialized approach meets you where you are and focuses on all aspects of your life from your career and relationships to your physical and spiritual well-being, nutrition, and everything in between. You may think it’s diet, fitness, or advice that you need, and maybe you’re right. Or maybe you will discover that the secret to a happy, healthy life is much more than that.

How can people contact you?