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01 Apr 2020 4:48 PM | Anonymous

Megalee Carpentry and Renovations

Jennifer Luce has worked in the construction industry for many years as an apprentice carpenter and is now a Red Seal carpenter. Jennifer Pellerin has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and has worked in both sales and management roles. In 2019, inspired by other women who are in business for themselves, they decided to take the leap and start their own company - and Megalee Carpentry and Renovations was born!

”We aspire to be role models for other women, especially ones looking to enter the trades or other male-dominated industries,” says Pellerin. Taking that first leap of faith into starting our own business was scary. Having a lot of people behind us and supporting us as mentors, customers, or as cheerleaders have been instrumental in our successes.”
In 2019 Jennifer and Jennifer were awarded the “Brewing for Better Balance Fund” sponsored by PEIBWA member Samuels Coffee House in Summerside. They received $2000  they used to purchase power tools and for which they are “forever grateful” to the fund’s contributors. In return, they plan to help support the fund in the coming years.
Megalee does a variety of construction and renovation work. Their services include (but are not limited to) renovations, new builds, decks, door replacements, window replacements, sheds, outdoor furniture (tables/chairs/planters), soffit/facia repair, and siding.
“When doing renovations, especially on older homes, there are usually a few surprises," explains Pellerin. "However, after running into them time and time again, they are no longer unexpected, and we are well prepared to tackle them!”
“As an all-women crew we try to set ourselves apart by giving people a different experience than what they are used to. Some customers have expressed they feel more comfortable having women working in their home. Other customers have said they feel that their needs and worries are being heard. We have many customers who are single women who don’t have anyone “handy” in their lives. We have customers who are men, who may be handy but just want the job done and don’t want to waste their weekends doing it themselves. We want to help people, not judge them," says Luce. 
Megalee has enjoyed what the partners call an “excellent” first year in operation, and they credit their success to their “awesome customers and contacts within the industry.”  They have been gearing up for the busy Spring season, but impact of the COVID1-19 has resulted in’s a very unpredictable time for the young company.

"We were hoping to have a head start this year compared to last year when we started in April, so it’s not quite going as we had hoped," Pellerin says. "We are currently finishing up a siding job on a new build. We are fortunate to have a project where there are no other people on site at the moment so we can continue to work for now. However, we have had to put our upcoming projects on hold and are no longer making house calls to meet with customers about their projects. We are still taking phone calls and email requests for estimates. We are making a list of first come first serve so we can go to them as soon as we have the all-clear!"
Megalee Carpentry and Renovations
Jennifer Luce and Jennifer Pellerin