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    As a reminder, masking and hand sanitizing is required when entering, using, and leaving PEIBWA offices in Charlottetown and Central Bedeque, including public washrooms. Masks are available for those who need them, physical distancing is required, and all visitors must sign in.

    Hours of Operation

    The Rural Women's Business Centre in Central Bedeque is open Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, operating with strict protocols regarding the wearing of masks, hand sanitization and social distancing. Workshops and events will only be taking place online, but the co-working space will be available for those needing internet access and business support. If you'd like to learn more about the Centre, its programs and services, please contact Shelley Jessop, Manager of our Rural Women's Business Centre at or 902-213-7902.  

    PEIBWA staff in the Charlottetown Office are currently working remotely and/or by appointment in the office on a rotating basis, operating with strict protocols regarding the wearing of masks, hand sanitization and social distancing. We invite you to email us or to call us at 902-892-6040, and we will contact you as soon as possible to assist you.

  • 02 Dec 2020 1:32 PM | Kelly Mullaly (Administrator)

    1. What product/services does your business provide?

    RESET:breathe provides online fitness classes, wellness coaching and community support via membership.

    2. How long have you owned your business?

    I started my business in September 2017.

    3. What inspired you to start your own business?

    After I had my fourth child in 2016, I knew I had to make a change in my life to accommodate my family. I joke that to make my life easier I decided to start my own business. Hahaha!  I never thought I would be a business owner until this time in my life when all of a sudden I just knew that it was time to write the next chapter of my life the way that I wanted to. I also lost a close friend to cancer several years ago and this has given me a whole new appreciation for making life count.

    4. Have you experienced any unexpected surprises since starting your business?

    I think the biggest thing was how emotionally connected I have become to my business. When it's your own you just care so much and sometimes it can be really difficult to separate yourself from it; it becomes a big part of your identity in a way. I never imagined that it would feel like this but I also never imagined I could love it so much.

    5. How has COVID-19 affected your business? How has it changed the way you do business? What has it taught you?

    Since my business was already online, I didn't need to change how I operated. I found it very challenging to work when my kids were home from school for six months so that was a different kind of challenge and I had to really try and be easy on myself. There is no guidebook for pandemics!!!! It also definitely has taught me how vulnerable we can be as entrepreneurs and no matter how strong our businesses may seem, there are things that can happen that are just not within our control.

    6. What have your challenges been? How did you overcome them?

    One of my biggest challenges has been that I live in rural PEI and we have very poor internet. I live-stream my classes from home every morning at 5:30 am and sometimes as I was about to start, my internet would just stop working. I joke that I'm the crazy lady that drives around with a tripod in the dark trying to find good internet connections. There was even a day I did my class in a lobby of a church!! Haha! It's been hard, but we are weeks away from getting fibre op and I could not be more excited about it. Honestly, the biggest hurdle any entrepreneur can ever face is their own mind. If you can figure that out, you can figure out any obstacle.

    7. What have your successes been?

    I'm really the most proud of the community I have created. They are amazing people and I feel like they are a part of my family. Four years ago I was an incredibly stressed out mom that was overwhelmed beyond imagine. I was dreaming about how I could make a living from home. Now I am, I'm really proud of that. I think as women we need to be less afraid to say what we are proud of.

    8. How can people contact you?

    They can visit my website at or find me on Instagram - @resetbreathe or on Facebook at RESET:breathe Fitness.

  • 16 Sep 2020 12:17 PM | Kelly Mullaly (Administrator)

    Meet Janet Qian, Co-owner/Operator of Golden Fox Home Decor!

    What product/services does your business provide?

    My husband, Scot Mo, and I run a small home decor store based in the Confederation Court Mall, in Charlottetown.

    One of our featured items is a great variety of cushion covers. We try to promote the idea that people don’t have to throw away their cushions just because they are slightly worn. Put on a new cover, and they are brand new again! Plus you can change your cover from season to season.  

    Another popular item is our selection of uniquely designed ceramic planters. They all have drainage holes in them, so they are not only a lovely decor item but a sweet home for plant lovers.

    Another big part of our business is balloon and party solutions. From a single “Happy Birthday” balloon to a garland of balloons for a wedding party, we offer a big collection of balloon products to serve different moments, big or small.

    A new category we are introducing is various kinds of fairy lights.  Indoor or outdoor, there is always something to lighten up your life :-)

    How long have you owned your business?

    Not long, only a bit over a year. My husband, me and our Golden Retriever boy moved to PEI in April 2018, and we like it here very much. We were both employees at multi-national companies, but had zero experience in running a retail business.

    What inspired you to start your own business?

    Since we moved here, I was trying to find a great selection of home décor items that were also affordable. Unfortunately, there were not many retail options so I thought - why not open one myself?

    Have you experienced any unexpected surprises since starting your business?

    To be honest, I find the business environment here is very friendly - especially to a small business like us.  Even our customers are very friendly to a new business like us. Some even try to offer advice and feedback to help us grow, which we really appreciate.

    How has COVID 19 affected your business? How has it changed the way you do business? What has it taught you?

    This was the most unexpected part! We closed for two months during the lockdown. We still had to pay rent and other unavoidable fixed expenses, which was a devasting hit to a retail store that was not online yet. But any challenge will make people think creatively to try to survive.  We noticed online business were booming during the pandemic like never before. That pushed us to think we should not only limit our business to local store and an online business might even become necessary for the post-pandemic time.

    Now my husband and I are spending most of our time learning about running an online business. This challenge forced us not to stay in our comfort zone.  I didn’t want to use the pandemic as an excuse to close my business, it is my baby.

    What have your other challenges been? How did you overcome them?

    About a month before the Mall told us it was reopening in late May, I was bored staying home all day so we tried running our business on Facebook. We started to offer delivery or touch-free pick-up and it helped on our sales. Now we are exploring other online options like Instagram, Shopify, and Amazon. As a new business person, we found it hard to figure out which one is more suitable for us, and we do not know which resource we should rely on to learn more relevant information. This is one important reason I joined the PEI Business Women’s Association.  I am expecting to meet more talented people in this network that can help us build our online business.

    What have your successes been?

    As a new business person, I don’t think I have succeeded yet. I’m trying to give myself more time, especially with this very special pandemic situation.

    But one thing I find rewarding is that as a person who have never lived in North America before, I have imported items that local people like and appreciate, which has helped us forge friendships with local communities, this is awesome!

     How can people contact you?

    They can visit us at the Main Level of the Confederation Court Mall in Charlottetown or message us at, where we usually respond within one hour.

  • 01 Sep 2020 10:06 PM | Kelly Mullaly (Administrator)

    Please join us extending a warm "Welcome" and "Welcome Back" to the following individuals who started or renewed their PEIBWA memberships in August!

    We hope you click through (where applicable) to learn more about them and their businesses. 

    PEIBWA members can access our entire Member Directory by logging on to the member portal of our website.

    Click here to learn more about becoming a PEIBWA member or renewing your PEIBWA membership. 


  • 18 Aug 2020 2:06 PM | Kelly Mullaly (Administrator)

    Part-time Office Administrator

    PEI Business Women’s Association (PEIBWA) is seeking a professional and qualified team player as its part-time Office Administrator to conduct day-to-day office administrative duties, assist other PEIBWA staff members, and support special projects. This position is based at the PEIBWA  Charlottetown office, 20 hours per week.

    Reporting to the Executive Director, these are the responsibilities of this position:

    • Provide administrative support to the Executive Director, including assistance with regular reporting to funders and to the PEIBWA Board of Directors.

    • Support the accounting process as acting as a liaison between the organization and accounting services. Prepare and make all bank deposits.

    • Organize and participate in in-person or online team meetings.

    • Answer phones and check email, providing information in a professional manner and/or directing inquiries to the appropriate staff members.

    • Maintain and manage G Suite and other software programs as the organization’s Administrator.

    • Track upcoming community events and maintain a shared community events calendar to be referenced by all PEIBWA staff.

    • Maintain an effective, confidential, and accountable filing system.

    • Assist all staff in the planning, execution and administration of PEIBWA in-person and virtual events.

    • Assist the Business Development and Membership Officer in maintaining good communication with members using the Wild Apricot customer relationship management system. 

    • Assist Communications & Engagement Officer with maintenance and analytics of social media channels.

    • Maintain the PEIBWA online lending library of resource materials and oversee the lending process to members.

    • Manage the booking & use of the PEIBWA boardroom.

    • Order office supplies and maintain inventory, including PEIBWA merchandise. 

    • Other duties as required by the Executive Director.

    Formal Education/Training Required:

    • Office Administration training or equivalent work experience (minimum 3-5 years). Experience working with non-profit organizations, bookkeeping, and/or accounting experience would be considered an asset.
    • A keen interest in supporting the needs of women in business. Motivated and eager to build upon their own knowledge through continuous learning.
    • Excellent troubleshooting skills. A self-starter who can prioritize tasks and juggle multiple projects while meeting deadlines. Self-directed and comfortable working with minimal supervision.
    • Intermediate to advanced skills in MS Office, particularly Word and Excel. Able to navigate online and utilize Dropbox and GSuite. Experience with or willingness to learn and use online team collaboration tools such as Slack, Google Teams, Sharepoint, etc.
    • Knowledge of customer relationship management system; experience using Wild Apricot, in particular, would be an asset.
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills with an eye for detail. 
    • Get along with supervisors and co-workers; respect the leadership of the organization; work harmoniously as part of a team; and deal effectively with situations that involve attitudes, opinions and feelings of others.
    • Reliable and client-focused. 

    How to Apply

    Qualified applicants should forward an electronic resume and cover letter to PEI Business Women’s Association at with “Part-Time Office Administrator” in the subject line.


    Thank you to all that apply; however, only those that are selected for an interview will be contacted.

  • 12 Aug 2020 12:04 PM | Kelly Mullaly (Administrator)

    The PEI Business Women’s Association (PEIBWA) is pleased to announce the four individuals selected to receive financial support for their business projects through its 2020 Micro Grant program.

    This year the association partnered with PEI Credit Union to offer the program created to help new, growing, and established women entrepreneurs advance their business with a $500 non-repayable grant and business-skills support.

    “We were delighted to receive twenty-seven applications for this year’s Micro Grant program,” says PEIBWA Executive Director Margaret Magner. “The three members of our independent adjudication committee were as impressed by the quality and diversity of the applications as we were.  They reviewed each eligible application analyzing the potential, feasibility, budget, proposed outcomes, marketability and overall quality. Through that process, four projects were chosen to receive grants, and we can’t wait to see how they flourish in the weeks and months ahead.”

    The four selected micro grant recipients for 2020 are:

    ·         Renée Durant (Jaxon Naturals)

    Jaxon Naturals is a natural skincare company producing products for newborns through to mature. It also specializes in customized labels for lip balm as a promotional item.

    ·         Tracey Gairns Brioux (reset breathe fitness)

    Reset breathe fitness is an online fitness community which provides live-stream fitness classes for its members, who are primarily busy women who need to simplify things in their lives.

    ·         Amy Seymour (Hive & Hollow)

    The Hive and Hollow is a licensed lounge in downtown Charlottetown. Featuring a game library with over 300 titles, paint-your-own-pottery and themed trivia nights, it also offers various “funducational” workshops and events led by local makers and creatives.

    ·         Patricia Uptegrove for a new project involving documentation.

    “We know just how impactful a grant of $500 can be while growing a business,” says Sara Kelly, Commercial Account Manager at Provincial Credit Union. "The 2020 PEIBWA Micro Grant winners are extremely deserving, and we look forward to seeing what they will accomplish.”

    Congratulations again to the four 2020 recipients and watch this space for updates on the outcomes of their projects in early 2021!


  • 05 Aug 2020 4:35 PM | Kelly Mullaly (Administrator)

    We are compiling a registry of professional service providers that would like to be made aware of upcoming PEIBWA sponsored programs.

    If your organization provides professional services and would like to be added to the registry, we invite you to submit your profile, using the button below.

    If you'd like more information about the registry, please contact PEIBWA Business Development and Membership Officer Jane L. MacIsaac at or 902-218-2266

    Submissions to the registry can be made through this link.

  • 04 Aug 2020 5:17 PM | Kelly Mullaly (Administrator)

    Jane and Sue’s Hey Splendid

    Jane & Sue’s Hey Splendid is primarily a purveyor of fine chocolate. We are sisters, chocolatiers, and bakers. Using premium ingredients, thoughtfully sourced, we create delicious and beautiful chocolate bonbons, bars, and seasonal creations. We also make decadent sauces, (salted caramel sauce, chocolate hazelnut sauce), our vegan granola made with organic ingredients, and most recently, we are developing some delicious gluten free baking (it is possible!!). We use fine Belgian chocolate, choosing only chocolate that is part of a program to support the cocao farmers and producers in their country of origin. We strive to use organic and local ingredients whenever possible.

    Later this month, we hope to have our new retail shop in Stanley Bridge open. This new space will provide us with a larger production area and a small retail space.

    About Us:

    Both of us have been self-employed in the past. Years ago, Sue had a restaurant and tea room in Hamilton Ontario. For a time, Jane worked there, too. And from that time - throughout our lives, through the birth of our children, their growth to maturity, and our own separate paths for several decades, we dreamed of some day having a business together - sharing our love of good food. And finally, we were able to make that happen.

    Sue came to PEI in 2002. Retiring from a career as a cardiac sonographer in 2015, Sue enrolled in the Pastry Arts Program at the Culinary Institute that same year. Jane had a career as a veterinary sonographer, operating a her own successful mobile veterinary ultrasound service in Ontario. As our plans and dream grew, Jane made the giant leap, sold her business, and moved to PEI in 2018. And so began Jane & Sue’s Artisan Bread and Chocolate.

    Pivot and Pivot and Pivot!

    The success of Jane’s organic sourdough breads was HUGE. Sue made the croissants and pastries, and of course, chocolate. We were delighted and overwhelmed with the response and started making plans to expand our production from the separate kitchen in our house, to a new dedicated space.

    Early in 2020, our baking came to a screeching halt. Jane discovered she had developed baker’s asthma and a wheat allergy. She is unable to even be in the same building where flour is being used. Sadly, we had to discontinue the bread baking and reshape our business model.

    We decided to focus on the chocolate. It was exciting to create new recipes and flavours, now that we had the time. Our plans for the new production space continued, and after searching for a new home for our business, we found it in Stanley Bridge. We signed the papers and were the proud owners of our new space the middle of March. A week later, the Island and the country shut down with the pandemic.

    Like so many other businesses, we began to reinvent ourselves. The Farmers Markets were closed so we began to offer our products online. Thanks to Amy and Verena at HeartBeet Organics, and Sharon at Bloom House Florist, we were able to salvage our Easter and Mothers’ Day Chocolate sales.

    What’s Next?

    Our new shop will showcase the world of chocolate. We will offer a selection of products, including bars, bonbons, seasonal treats, sauces and beverages Our hand painted chocolate bonbons are unique to PEI. It is our hope to offer chocolate tasting sessions, as the COVID restrictions ease. We are also developing our online store to compliment the shop.

    COVID has taught us to never take anything for granted. It has also taught us that we are more resilient and creative than we realized. While change is difficult, we always learn and grow from it.

    We our always so grateful for our customers. We are delighted and encouraged that they like our creations.

    We have been encouraged and supported in our efforts by women who own and operate their own business here in PEI. The support we have received from these women in business has been truly AMAZING. Thank you so much!

    Perhaps the most important thing we have to offer is this: If you have a dream, go for it. Never give up. It’s never too late to make your dream come true.

    Where To Find Us

    You can find us at the Summerside Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings year-round. Our chocolate is also available at

    • Farmacy & Fermentary in Charlottetown (order online at Heart Beet Organics)
    • The Mill in New Glasgow, (Emily Wells Restaurant and Marche),
    •  Samuels Coffee House in Summerside or in Avonlea Village.

    We also have products available online, and we are happy to put together custom orders upon request.

    We can be reached by:


    Facebook: heysplendid

    Instagram: splenidid_eatwell


  • 15 Jul 2020 2:07 PM | Kelly Mullaly (Administrator)

    PEIBWA is excited to partner with Women’s Business Organizations across Atlantic Canada to present a new series to connect women entrepreneurs!

    The Atlantic Women’s Business Series will feature interviews with women business leaders from across Atlantic Canada who will share their personal stories of how they got started, what barriers they faced and what they’ve learned along the way.

    The first in our virtual series is Women Leading the Way in Trades on Tuesday, July 21 from 1:00 - 2:00 pm (Atlantic). We’ll have time for Q&A and networking and we’d love to hear from you!

    Click here for more details and to register.